Destiny 2 – Campaign

Out of all the problems that plagued the original Destiny game, especially at launch, was the almost complete lack of a decent & engaging story. What was there in vanilla Destiny was written poorly, too short, uneventful and repetitive. For a game that supposedly cost so much to create, a good amount of development time, a developer known for great games and a publisher with money to burn, how did the original campaign fall so flat? The development of Destiny was a troubled mess.

Fast forward to the sequel and I’m happy to say that Bungie has delivered a great campaign. The story will not blow you away with complex plot twists but what is there is done very well indeed. There is much more variety in the mission design now and what you see and do in missions. It is no longer having your Ghost hack into something as you repeatedly play Horde mode.


Over the course of the 10-12 hour campaign gamers will play on a variety of planets that look and feel different from one another, keeping the game interesting. Planets unlock quite early in the story and players are free to jump to them and explore whenever they wish. Along with the diverse missions, they are often much longer and more in depth than the previous game. Many have several objectives which must be completed as it unfolds.

Side characters in the game are also much more believable and alive this time. Zavala, Ikora and Cayde all have much more of a prominent roll in the story now and it’s welcome. Instead of being confined to one room, they are on different planets carrying out missions of their own as well as having much more dialogue to say. This all adds to making the world more believable, interesting and entertaining.


The game begins with a bang as the Cabal and their leader, Ghaul, attack humanity at The Tower, blowing up everything and enslaving The Traveller. The introduction mission of Homecoming is a fantastic way to start the game and get the player invested in the missions to come. Losing your Light (your power) and needing to fight gives much more weight to the campaign and this world than anything that was delivered in the first game.

And what a world it is. Bungie has taken an already beautiful game and tweaked it to look even better especially when it comes to lighting. Seeing light stream through trees on Nessus, brilliantly lit indoor tunnels or the Solarium on Titan really is great to see and experience. This is all on top of the magnificent art design that Destiny has always had. Sound is just as great with deep, thumping music when needed as well as a more mellow and subdued soundtrack when its needed also. Weapon sounds I found were a little weak with some weapons whilst others are of a high standard.


I will make special mention of the last couple of missions. These are simply stunning and stand out in terms of visual flare and sound. It really has taken something that was already great and catapulted it even higher and made the game end on a high. I wouldn’t say the campaign was particularly challenging but it was great fun and I would play through it again.

I along with most other players and fans have always been critical of certain aspects of Destiny but I give credit where it’s due. The story of the first game was poor and Bungie knew they needed to deliver when it came to the story and campaign with the sequel and they have succeeded. It is a solid foundation for future DLC where the story and worlds will be expanded further and I can’t wait.

So hold onto your chicken…it’s going to be a wild ride.


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