Destiny 2 – Day 3 PVP

For those who read my Destiny 2 Beta impressions or listened to the DUG Xbox ‘n’ Chill show at the time of the beta, I was critical of all the changes which had been made to the competitive side of Destiny. I have also been quite critical of the original Destiny multiplayer offering but I still put hundreds of hours into the various game modes. The unbalance of many weapons and subclasses, along with the constant nerfs and buffs, plus the horrible lag were all problems with The Crucible. Playing at various times would see shotguns, sniper rifles or hand cannons all being the preferred meta. Being able to run around all game using a Special weapon doesn’t seem so special.

With Destiny 2 it seems Bungie has gone back to their (and current) Halo days. All game modes being 4v4 along with the changes to weapons types (see beta article) sees a much more team focused and less chaotic multiplayer offering. It is imperative that players hang with their team mates or you run the risk of dying quickly and often. Crucible players will often get team shot, and from multiple angles, just like can happen in Halo. Having only one player able to pick up the Power ammo is also a nice change so matches don’t descend into half the players all have rocket launches at once.


The Destiny 2 multiplayer playlists are broken down into Quickplay and Competitive. Quickplay sees gamers playing in various game modes such as Clash and Control as they are rotated from match to match. The Competitive playlists sees game modes of Countdown and Survival. I’m not a huge fan of round based multiplayer matches as it breaks up the action when compared to the Quickplay playlist so most of my time has been dedicated to it. Also note that their is no free-for-all Rumble mode this time around. Their are no solo game modes, only 4v4.

Map design so far has been hit and miss with a large number of maps seeming to lack something that made so many of the original maps so memorable. The Burning Shrine, Pantheon, Vertigo all looked incredible and played well. Perhaps this will change as I put more hours into the multiplayer part of the game. Some of the maps seem a little large to cater for only 8 players and often battles or fights happen in the same areas all the time depending on game mode.


With the focus on team play now, of course solo players will find matches harder. I only played solo – no team and no mic chat with my allies. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to stick within a certain distance of your team mates should you need them to come to your aid or vice versa. If two players are team shooting an opponent then it’s very hard for them to stay alive. If one player in the team dies then often the second player finishes off the kill. It also helps when picking up power ammo as players are unable to pick it up if they are being shot.

If gamers enjoyed the first Destiny multiplayer then it is not a guarantee they will enjoy this one. It has a much different feel to the game and is more difficult to solo play. Grenades and Super abilities are much less used this time around with players usually only getting one Super per game. Certain areas of the maps now will also not be completely filled with various grenades, reducing the chaotic nature of the matches. This, along with the emphasis on Primary weapons, sees Destiny 2 multiplayer success come from gun skill. If you are accurate and can repeatedly shoot the opponents head then you will win a 1v1 duel. Players are less likely to simply die from a wayward grenade or sudden Super attack.


I certainly will be playing more of The Crucible as around 25 matches is not enough to determine whether it will have the long term enjoyment I’m after. Although different, it is still fun and as I acquire more weapons I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more. Once I know the layout of many maps I’m hoping they are as memorable as the best of the maps from the first Destiny.

Lord Shaxx can’t quite say “This Is Amazing!” just yet but time will tell.


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