Destiny 2 First Impression

One of the largest criticisms of the first Destiny game was the almost complete lack of story. How could such an interesting world be so devoid of a competent story to go along with it? From my few hours with the campaign in Destiny 2, it is clear Bungie has tried to rectify that problem and, so far, they have succeeded. Things we see in the story were absent from the first game – fleshed out characters, drama, sections totally devoted to just storytelling. With The Tower gone and The Last City in ruins, the player needs to feel the loss and enormity of the situation.

The villains this time are much more fleshed out as we start to see their motivations and the relationships they have with others to. The main villain of Ghaul is fantastic and is voiced incredibly as is his right hand man. Both are voiced exceptionally well and it’s great to see such time devoted to them. Already I’ve seen several cut scenes that further enhance everything that is transpiring.


Even though I’ve only seen a small part of the game, the EDZ (European Dead Zone) seems huge with only a small part of the map open so far. The water rich area of Saturn’s moon, Titan, seems equally large but completely different in landscape. A maze of buildings and walkways with an ocean filled with large waves beneath you. Whether these planets and areas become as memorable as the places we visited in the first game remains to be seen.

There are already more things to do in the environments as the game takes no time in telling the player about new activities they will discover during their play time. Some of these have stories attached to them so we find out more about the areas we are playing in, much different than the grimoire cards from the first game.


One negative issue I experienced was enemies not appearing where they needed to. This halted my progress during the first mission whereby I needed to reload back into the game – twice. Perhaps a bug associated with the servers on launch day but a problem nonetheless.

Graphics were smooth and beautiful to look at as Destiny has always been. Once again the art design is amazing along with the number of various environments you visit even so early in the game. Sounds were also of a high level both in gameplay and the regular cut scenes.

Judging from my playtime I suspect the campaign will be around 10-12 hours and that wouldn’t include doing many of the side quests or missions that pop up as you play. I haven’t played any Strikes as of yet nor any of the PvP.


I very much look forward to playing more Destiny 2 again today and will post more impressions tomorrow.

So far, Bungie has delivered on what they said they would. I hope it continues for many hours to come.

Eyes Up Guardian!


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