Destiny 2 – Day 2 Impressions

Eager to get back into the game to see what else it offered, I was presented with even more missions and side activities to partake in. One feature of Destiny 2 I really enjoy is how quickly the different planets open up in the story for players to visit. You won’t be stuck on the same starting planet unless you want to stay there. With roughly 4-5 hours played so far, all in the campaign, I’ve already opened up three of the four playable planets. I haven’t explored very much of the environments so far so there is alot of play space for me to discover still.

Taking part in one mission on Titan opened up a completely new part of the game world which was fantastic to be in. Titan, basically a city built on water, had a huge and extensive under ground network of tunnels and large environments that I was surprised even existed. I certainly didn’t expect it when I visited on the first day of play.


Heading to Nessus for a mission to find Cayde 6 was so enjoyable. Seeing Cayde 6 (and other characters) being used much more (and differently) from their stationary positions at the table in the first game is a great relief. Cayde 6 is such a fantastic character to listen to thanks to his humour and the exceptional voice work of Nathan Fillion. This mission was great and memorable for this long time Guardian.

I’m starting to get used to the different weapons and how they work together more. Going up against a shielded enemy, taking down the shield with an Energy weapon and then switching to a Primary Kinetic weapon to finish them off is very satisfying. Having shotguns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles etc all in the same weapon slot is a good move in my opinion so far. I am looking forward to acquiring at least one of the many legendary and exotics weapons in the game.


Hopping between the different planets is made even better now that there is no need for players to constantly return to orbit, sitting through unnecessary loading screens. Opening up the Director and moving between the different areas makes everything much easier and keeps you wanting to play as you are never waiting long before you are back into the action.

I did experience another issue whereby I went into an area I could not get back out of. It was an area I had just come from but the game wouldn’t allow me to jump back up, I was hitting an invisible wall. Had to log out and back in to overcome the issue.

Stay tuned for Day 3. Need to return to my Guardian.


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