Xbox One X

As we slowly approach November, and anxiously await the release date of the Xbox One X, I take a look at whether Microsoft has so far delivered on their promises first set out at E3 2016. Once again Microsoft has wanted to have the console with the most power but this time, aiming at delivering a system that can do true 4K. Consistently. Constantly. And at high frame rates.

Starting with the look of the hardware itself, the engineering team has worked magic in being able to make the system even slightly less smaller than the Xbox One S – a system already recognised as first class. How they managed to take so much power and cram inside such a small case is very impressive. The only concern I would have is what the noise is like whilst running. From all reports it’s similar to the Xbox One S which is very quiet.


The vapour chamber would have alot to contribute in keeping the noise level down, another fantastic addition to the system form the Microsoft team. The great (but not top of the line) processor is a welcome addition coupled with the great graphics card in the box. All very impressive for a home console, but it’s the memory bandwidth and RAM that really impresses me. Having 9GB of available RAM allocated to games will see a jump in graphics performance and overall graphical quality, especially in open world games that really push existing systems (such as ARK:Survival Evolved).

What was surprising, especially during Gamescom was how so many already released games that had been updated to true 4K on XBox One X, weren’t shown off more by Microsoft. As Digital Foundry said, they were almost hidden out the back. But more importantly than where they were is how they performed. Almost all were in true 4K constantly and running at similar, if not better, frame rates. Seeing third parties support the system (and knowing the ease of which games can be upgraded) should fill Xbox fans with confidence. With still over two months until release, we can expect more and more games to take advantage of the Xbox One X.


From the ports on the back of the console being the same as the Xbox One S (including the power cable) to the Project Scorpio Day One edition with its OG Xbox packaging, it’s clear Microsoft has listened. Xbox is almost completely different as a brand, and being run completely different than the dark days of 2013. After seeing the large number of preorders for the system and how quickly they were selling, it’s obvious many gamers are wanting this powerful system.

Microsoft needs to still work on their exclusive games as this year is dry. With the delay of Crackdown 3, the first half of next year is looking great though. Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 etc will all take advantage of the X and to Microsoft’s exclusive list. More needs to be done though and the list of exclusives needs to grow. They are being worked on and I’m hoping for big budget AAA titles to rival their other popular franchises.


All up Microsoft has delivered on their promises with the Xbox One X. I don’t see another example in future where Microsoft won’t have the most powerful console. If it’s not on the market, they will be working on it.This generation has shown more than any other that power does matter – perhaps more than anything else is many consumers eyes. Exclusives take time and they will come. The same happened with the PS4. The exclusive popular franchises weren’t released yet (and some still aren’t) but the console was very successful based on it being more powerful and perceived to have the better third party release of games.

Could Xbox One X be the success that Microsoft is hoping for? They are certainly doing alot of things right in the lead up to the release.

Project Scorpio is almost ready to sting.


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