Uncharted 3 Review

After the almost universal critical acclaim from reviewers and consumers alike, we are given a third game in the Uncharted series. Uncharted:Drake’s Deception gives players control of the likeable hero Nathan Drake as he teams up with friends to tackle another adventure. We meet villains, engage in over the top set pieces, hear wise cracks, all over the 15+ hour campaign. But does this sequel live up to the second game? Does it even come close?

Thankfully, the answer is an emphatic yes. Sure, there are still problems, some of which just seem to be apart of the Uncharted games, but if you’re after another action packed story driven game then don’t look past Uncharted 3.


Saying hello to your friend and colleague Sully once again after his almost complete absence from the second game was a great way to start the game. These characters just work so well together in these settings. Other returning characters are also welcome as are the new characters we are introduced to. Each of them is voiced brilliantly and are fleshed out to a point where they are believable and enjoyable to listen to. They really add to the story and keep it moving.

Without giving away too much (and not touching on the story at all), players start the game by taking control of a teenage Nathan Drake and how he and Sully met. I absolutely loved this part of the game and it works so well. You can really see these characters personalities shine through even though they are 20 years younger.

For those who played Uncharted 2, to say some of the set pieces are impressive is quite the under statement. One particular sequence in Uncharted 3 may be the best one yet in the whole series. How Naughty Dog managed this on last gen hardware is a huge credit to the talent they have working there. The amount of action and cinematic camera angles are just fantastic and, if wearing a set of quality headphones, match this with the amazing sound and the whole sequence comes to the life.


I just wish I could say the same for the in game camera. I had numerous times where the camera was quite erratic often resulting in death. This also seemed to happen with the cover system more than the previous games. Rolling instead of going in to cover. I was hoping this would have been mostly eradicated by the third game but unfortunately it hasn’t. Sometimes the camera pans out during gameplay for some stunning shots of the environment which work well whilst other times camera control is taken away when I wish it wouldn’t be.

Some enemy AI is downright stupid, often running right past me only to stop, turn around and shoot. Other times they blindly charge at me. The ‘regular’ enemies as well are devoid of personality and are very forgettable. Other enemies who wear armour seem to take an eternity to kill with never ending shotgun ammo but they add some diversity to enemy types. The multiple waves of enemies in some areas of the game, where they seem to spawn from no where, are off putting and take me out of the game and it’s gorgeous looking environments.

Parts of the game see a group of tough enemies thrown at the player but it doesn’t seem to me that the Uncharted series has really perfected it’s shooting mechanics and cover system to truly make these sections entertaining and memorable. In saying that, even with these issues there are many times when it all comes together well and its just plain fun.


The only other fault I had with the game was, well, it was more Uncharted so if you never enjoyed the series before this, the third game won’t change your mind. I found it more enjoyable than the first game but Uncharted 2:Among Thieves has been my high point so far.

Uncharted 3 has quite a long campaign as well for this type of game and there are a great variety of locations as each of the games have had. The story is interesting, the characters great, it’s action packed, humorous and, once again, Uncharted succeeds most where it want to – giving you a great adventure in the style of Indiana Jones.

I guess the biggest problem Uncharted 3 has is needing to live up to its incredible predecessor. But it does a damn good job. Highly recommended.


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