With a disappointing announcement with the Crackdown 3 delay, gamers still have alot to look forward to when Gamescom kicks off. We get another look at the most powerful console with the Xbox One X making another appearence but what else might Microsoft be bringing to wet our appetites for Xbox? Here is what I would like to see at Gamescom.

Xbox One X

Just more of it! I want to see the system being shown off with perhaps some features we haven’t seen or that haven’t been detailed as yet. Microsoft should show off some Day One bundles for those who pre order that could have some special markings on the box or controller further elevating the premium feel of the console. In addition to this, more console bundles should be announced with pack in games. I’m uncertain if we will see themed consoles such as the incredible Gears Of War 4 Xbox One S as there isn’t an exclusive game launching to warrant one anymore and there are limited third party marketing deals. I’m expecting the black Xbox One X we’ve already seen to be the one available. A 2TB model may be announced but don’t see a 500GB version being on offer…unfortunately. And announce pre-orders are going live with bonuses.



Take all that horsepower of the Xbox One X and make our eyes bleed with 4K resolutions and texture packs. Let us gamers see dozens of already released games looking better and playing smoother, then preach how new multiplatform games will all perform, play, load, look and sound better on X. Show a Halo 5 update and focus on it. Constant 4K resolution, increased fidelity and a locked 60FPS. Announce something special alongside it and bring Halo back to the forefront. I am wanting to see new, unannounced, exclusive, AAA games that we can look forward to playing next year. Even though CG trailers are not something I like, showing a couple off would do alot to change current perceptions of the Xbox brand.

Showing Off

What are the details surrounding Xbox One X kiosks being set up? This needs to be taken worldwide and into as many shopping centres and locations as possible. People need to get hands on with the new console hooked up to the LG 4K TVs for them to understand what type of graphical and performance increase this premium console is going to give them. Watching compressed YouTube videos is not enough. Get the console out into the wild, on display and knock people out with what it can deliver.


Rewards & News

Something special has been teased for the live stream and I’m looking forward to seeing what it is. Freebies in terms of free games and Xbox swag would be great simply for watching, similar to the E3 presentation. Announce features and future plans for what we can expect over the next year or two. What is being worked on or implemented?


Announce that this service will be including many games with 4K support. Both in resolutions and texture packs. Incredible value for money on such a powerful console. Halo 5 improvements will make it even more appealing. Bringing home a premium, somewhat expensive, new console with dozens of great AAA games to play that take advantage of the increased hardware. Yes please.

Can’t wait to tune into the live stream. The power comes back home.



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