Crackdown 3 Delayed

I’ll make it clear from the outset before discussing anything else regarding the third game in the Crackdown series – I am all for developers delaying their games if they need more time to work on it. It is disappointing when it happens but it’s even worse when a highly anticipated game is released that does not meet expectations in terms of gameplay and content or whether it’s released in a broken state. Developers need the time in order to deliver a quality product for gamers.


But this isn’t the first time Crackdown 3 has been delayed and can lead many to start to wonder if there are problems behind the scenes with the game. First shown off in 2014, Crackdown was hyped for its utilisation of cloud technology which would deliver a large world full of destruction like gamers hadn’t seen before. But we won’t see this now until four years after it was first announced. I already thought the game was shown off way too early and is a criticism I have with Sony to.

Having seen the showing at E3 2017 I was looking forward to the game but thought the trailer and complete lack of context in what I was seeing was a missed opportunity. The game looked bright and colourful but felt it could have been more graphically impressive, especially when touted as a launch game for the Xbox One X.


The game looked fun and to be let loose in such a massive world, with such verticality was something I was looking forward to playing – this year. But whilst the single player campaign looked fun (not amazing) it was the multiplayer I really wanted to see and we all didn’t. Where was this amazing multiplayer mode? How was the cloud technology coming along? What could we expect in the final game? We hadn’t seen any of it since the alpha demo.

I really do hope that Crackdown’s main selling feature – the multiplayer with all the destruction – delivers what we all expect. Even with the delay, Microsoft need to show the fans how it is and Gamescom would be a great time for it. Gamers will accept the delay even more if they see an amazing game mode. They will patiently wait if they know a quality, incredible gaming experience is waiting for them in 2018. I’m confident that Microsoft and the developers can attain their vision.

If not, Crackdown 3 will be shot down and crumble more than the buildings in the games multiplayer mode….apparently.



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