Uncharted Review

The first in a series of well respected and well reviewed games, Uncharted follows the main character of Nathan Drake as he and his companions set out on an epic adventure. From beautiful tropic settings to dark, claustrophobic tunnels, Uncharted is a fast pace and action packed adventure. So buckle in and lets see if this ride is worth taking.


For a game that is 10 years old this year, Uncharted can still be quite impressive. In terms of last gen games, this would be right up the top of best looking games for that generation. On release it was beautiful and it still holds up today. Sure, we have some muddy textures and many of the areas are quite small but its hard to not be even a little impressed with what this game is putting on screen. Animations definitely are not up to modern standards with Nathan seeming to lunge around the area or runs like he is on ice. With so much climbing and jumping around the environments, it feels like the character lacks any real weight.

This along with the controls can be an issue. Moving around does have its problems, especially the platforming sections where i didn’t have as much control as I wanted. The controls for the game do a decent job but there are some sections where frustration can set in due to them. The touchy controls plus awkward camera placement often saw me falling to my death. It was obvious what needed to be done but felt like the game itself was working against me to achieve it. Sometimes I longed for manual control of the camera to get a better sense of the environment and how to go about it.


Music in this game is exceptional and really ramps up or is quieter when it’s needed. They really did a great job with the soundtrack and it fits the game perfectly, putting you in the mood for this adventure. Voice acting is very good, especially for Nathan and Sully.

The story is interesting and keeps the game moving along well even if it isn’t anything special. There is a feeling of ‘been here done that’ with the games story but that is also part of its charm. It’s obvious where Uncharted got its influences from and it wears them on its sleeve. Nathan Drake is a great, likeable character that is enjoyable to play as. I would have liked more interaction and one liners between him and Sully as when they were there it drew me into this world and its characters more.

Enemy AI is basic and it’s a stretch to even call it intelligent at all. Enemies will duck and hide in cover, poking there heads out for you to shoot. Others, such as the snipers, will stand in the one spot giving you an opening to shoot them before that can do the same. I found enemies took to many bullets to take down though, the developers using it to compensate for their lack of intelligence. You will also have the obligatory horde mode sections or increased numbers of enemies to before the player can move onto the next area.

Uncharted is by no means a long game clocking in around the 10-15 hours depending on what difficulty is chosen. Once the story is finished there is no real need to go back and play it again unless one wants to simply hunt down all the collectibles. I found the last chapter or mission was a little cheap and a bit of a let down to close the game off.


Uncharted is a solid first outing for the franchise and it kept my interest until the final credits. It’s definitely not amazing but it is fun. And that’s important. I look forward to playing through the sequels where I’m sure many of the problems are ironed out.

If you’re looking for a light hearted, short-ish action game with a decent story, give Uncharted a go.

Just watch your jumping.


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