For The Hate Of Destiny

In the first part of this Destiny series I listed several reasons as to why I have continued playing the game and sunken so many hundreds of hours into it. Destiny is perhaps the most widely criticised and loved games on the market. For all the criticism levelled at the game there are just as many players, perhaps more, that devote themselves to knowing everything there is to know about the game.

These players often understand the shortcomings of the game to and I’ll be going through what I perceive are Destiny’s largest problems. For how many great times I’ve had whilst playing, there has been just as many frustrating moments where I think why the hell I even put up with the game and whether Bungie and Activision’s game deserves my attention.

So let’s get to it – my reasons for why I hate Destiny.


The Loot Grind

For those who read part 1, you’ll notice I listed this aspect of the game there to. Countless dozens, if not hundreds of hours are wasted in this game by just devoting yourself to the grind. Constantly doing the same activities over and over again to get a certain weapon, a piece of armour, some materials or waiting for some enemy or boss to spawn so you can finish a quest. I can’t help but question why I even played the game when it can make you feel like it’s a second job.

When so much time is put into acquiring a certain weapon only to never get it makes one question the use of this time. Constantly playing and grinding only for everything to be left up to chance or the mercy of RNGesus. Give me the quest with a direct reward at the end so my time is spent wisely. Without this gambling, chance, roll of the dice part of the game many people would simply stop playing. You end up playing the game more to acquire certain gear than what you do using it a lot of the time!

Connections & Lag

Putting up with parts of the game being unbalanced and seeing your favourite weapons (or types of weapons) being nerfed is one thing, but connections and lag is often out of the players control. A simple search of any forum that discusses the game will be flooded with complaints about these issues which Bungie has continually remained all but silent on for years.

Seeing your opponents sporting red bars next to their name as you struggle to hit them only for them to appear next to you or melee you from a mile away is unfortunately become apart of this game. Even green bars don’t tell the whole story. Often times you’re in games where everyone seems to have great connections but the same problems still rear their ugly head. How? This just makes gamers have no faith in what they see. During the Destiny 2 Beta, these have been taken out completely. Like Bungie couldn’t fix the damn problem so perhaps they just hide it from view.


The talk of Destiny 2 PVP is that it will try and become an esport. How this is meant to happen when Bungie couldn’t fix the problems with the first game after three years is confusing. Constantly trying to fix matchmaking (and often failing) so as to provide a better online experience is a waste of time and resources. Without dedicated local servers, Destiny players are forced into a mess of a multiplayer where frustration is often more common than fun.

Bungie favouring Skill based matchmaking over connections made players even more frustrated. Not only were connections often terrible, it was a known problem and still Skill based matchmaking was preferred. Dying in game and to good players is a common occurrence in all competitive games but when repeatedly dying because you’ve been matched with players from all over the world is a fault of the game and the developers. Increase wait times or limit match types available. By the time these were implemented many players already had their eye on Destiny 2 or other games.

The Waiting Game

With so many hours logged into Destiny in all parts of the game, a large chunk of that time is simply waiting around in Orbit. Exiting to Orbit. Waiting in Orbit. Exit again. The amount of time with your do-nothing ship just sitting there is ridiculous. Too much time is spent on this screen when it would have been much easier and time saving for players to pick where they wanted to go instead of heading to Orbit first. This is fixed in Destiny 2 but why it was even contemplated as something that should be in the first game is poor design.

Storytelling 101

The problems that Destiny ran into during development in regards to the story have been well documented. Large portions of the story ripped out of the final game, rewritten and broken up. But what the game did end up with at launch is nothing short of laughable. Characters with almost zero personality apart from the great voice actors giving them what little they could with such a mediocre script. Few cinematic cutscenes that basically went nowhere and gave no answers to anything. Often a player would be introduced to a character with almost no backstory as to who they are, what they want and how they fit into the larger Destiny story – because there isn’t one.


How am I meant to care about anything that is going on when one of the main characters of the initial game is telling me “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain”? Apart from being weak dialogue it’s ridiculous it remained in the game when as the player progresses nothing is ever resolved.

Bungie and Activision’s pathetic way of resolving some of these issues and answering questions was done through the Grimoire. A bunch of written pieces the player could read to flesh out the story and the world. Great in theory except they aren’t in the game. The player must go to Bungie’s site to read them. Why aren’t these in the game? Why do I need to leave playing the game in order to find out more?

What makes it even worse is that the world and lore of Destiny is great but it was delivered to the player in such a disrespectful way.

The Greed

I bought Destiny when The Taken King was launched. For the price of the game I received the vanilla Destiny plus expansions of The Dark Below, House of Wolves and the new Taken King. There was a tonne of content and things to do and much had been changed since the game had first been released. But for those who bought the game at launch, plus the expansions already were now up for the cost of the whole game again! If anything it should have been a much lower cost to day one players as a thank you for sticking with the game.

This turned away many players as it was clear to them that Bungie and Activision only cared about delivering on their pre launch promises if players were basically willing to rebuy the whole game again. Having not needed to do this as I came on board later, I can easily understand the frustration and anger that many voiced at the two companies.


Even after The Taken King was released we still endured an overpriced expansion in the form of Rise Of Iron. Light on content, heavy on the grind. Events also made appearances such as Festival of the Lost or the Sparrow Racing League but these were completely forgettable.

We still had Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner which made it more tolerable – if you didn’t face the dreaded lag and lag switchers which were common.

Destiny was a game with huge potential and even more promises made. If Destiny 2 is to realise its potential and be a success, then Bungie and Activision may not want to treat their audience with such disdain this time around.


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