Sony E3 2017

With Microsoft having a solid showing on their stage earlier at E32017, all eyes turned to Sony to see what they would reveal. Microsoft’s lack of announcements regarding first party exclusives left the door open for Sony to capitalise. Would they hit a home run with a plethora of new AAA games that only Sony’s teams can make? Would they reveal new games giving us great stories with spectacular graphics? Would they announce or show a multiplayer game? A change of pace from what they’ve made in recent years.

Unfortunately, the answer to all these was an emphatic no.

I’m not sure if Sony has started to believe like they are unstoppable with the success of the PS4 (not the PSVR or Vita though, remember that?) or they realised that they must actually release games instead of just showing trailers, but this conference was disappointing.

The highlights were games which we already knew were coming, and some which we saw gameplay of at last years E3. So what did we see?


Days Gone made another appearance showing off more of the game and it looked good. Graphically impressive and could be something to look forward to. Detroit intrigued me as we got our first proper look at the game – but damn was it long. This trailer showed way too much and by the time it ended I felt like I had seen most of what the game has to offer. Uncharted:Lost Legacy was shown and if you’re a fan of this series I can’t see this disappointing. A proven series with a track record of quality. Not sure of the length of this game though as it may be quite short.

Another remake was announced in Shadow of the Colossus. A great game upon first release but showing remakes, no matter the quality, is not something which excites me at E3. But I’m sure to hear “of course you would say that Max, you love Xbox”. This is correct and its the platform I favour but I thought exactly the same when Microsoft showed off Gears of War: Ultimate Edition back in 2015.


God of War was shown off once again which looked very good if not a slight downgrade visually to what was shown last year. Expect another great game in this series for fans. The highlight for me though was Spiderman. Insomniac seems to have done a great job as it looks fantastic and cinematic. Gameplay looks smooth if repetitive. This is one to look out for. There was also Marvel v Capcom: Infinite but I was taught that if you can’t say anything nice…


More interesting than what was shown was what was absent. Where was The Last of Us 2? Final Fantasy VII Remake? No update or showing of even a remake?. Shenmue III was nowhere to be seen as was Death Stranding which we were told wouldn’t be making a showing but disappointing none the less. Chances are some of these games were held back to be shown at other events but they were missed on the E3 stage.

PSVR had several games which were shown off with some looking good but, personally, VR does not work well when simply being shown on a stage or through a trailer. It’s really something that needs to be experienced to fully understand it. The time was better spent showing more games such as the ones mentioned or talking through live demonstrations.

Sony came into this E3 having tied up several high profile third party marketing deals which will be of great benefit when wanting to sell consoles this holiday season. Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced not to be making an appearance but Sony still had other big guns to compensate for that such as Call of Duty: WWII, Destiny 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2. Quite possibly games that will become the most popular and highest selling games of the year.


But where were they in force? I was expecting some lavish on stage looks at these highly anticipated games but instead we had a little gameplay, some trailers and…well…thats pretty much it. I expected Sony to use those marketing deals to really push these games into the spotlight for PS4.

Sony’s conference barely had a spark let alone setting the place on fire. Between the lack of new games and existing games all seeming to be released next year, this wasn’t one for Sony fans to remember.

For the rest of the gaming community, they may have been sensing alot of deja vu.


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